Dye Cut Vinyl Nursery Wall Decal Quote "I Love You To The Moon And Back"

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Our range of removable vinyl decals provides an affordable, fun, and exceptional way to spruce up your living space. From creating a focal point to adding a personal touch, our decals offer limitless possibilities to enhance your home.
Our decals allow you to take control of your DIY projects, as they are easy to apply and provide a colorful and visually appealing touch to any room.
We also offer custom design services to cater to your unique requirements. Please feel free to reach out to us for assistance with your design needs.

Our decals are made with durable Oracal 631 Vinyl l and includes instructions for easy application. They can last for over three years with proper care.

To remove the decal, apply heat with a hairdryer and peel it back slowly. Avoid pulling the decal towards you as it may cause paint loss. Note that the decal may not be suitable for eggshell paint.