Dye Cut Vinyl Polka Dot Wall Decal Pack

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[ Material ]

Oracal 631 Vinyl , Transfer Paper

[ What Are Wall Decals? ]

Our wall decals are made using high-quality vinyl with a semi adhesive backing, and applied with transfer paper.

[ How Do I Apply My Decals ]

1. Using warm water and some dish soap, wash and dry the surface you would like to apply your decals on.

2. To get an idea of where you'd like your decals, use some green painter's tape apply it to the first couple millimeters of the transfer tape. We suggest spacing each decal 1- 2 feet apart.

3. Once you're happy with your placement, draw a line in pencil in the center from the transfer paper through the green tape. This is a simple trick for easy placement and application

4. Take decal off of wall while leaving green tape. Flip decal upside down and peel off the backing. Line up your pencil marks and place the decal on the wall, rubbing from the center outward in all directions. This will ensure there are no air-bubbles in your decal.

5. Remove transfer paper by slowly peeling it back upon itself.

To Remove Decals Heat With Hair Dryer And Roll Back Upon Itself. Do Not Pull Towards You As It May Bring Up Paint.

Adhesive may peel up eggshell paints.